HARBINGER would like to thank the following people and organizations for their contributions to the film. Each talent was either provided at reduced cost or freely donated to the film’s production.

Goodbye, Titan – Music

Goodbye Titan 3

DeCon Films2nd Unit Camera, Grip, & Equipment Provider

DeCon Films

Brenda Vienrich – Art Director, Props, Wardrobe, & Associate Producer

Brenda Vienrich

Moss Robot – Props, Sets, & Logo Design

Moss Robot

Zoning Media – Gaffer & Equipment Provider


Rob Russell – Behind the Scenes Videographer

Rob Russell Logo

Greg Paul Builders – Treehouse Design & Construction

 Greg Paul Logo

Roy Underhill – Woodworking Technical Consultant & Location Provider

Roy Underhill Logo

Joseph “Sloe” Slawinski – Audio Mix & Sound Design

Elie Rossetti-Serraino – Costume & Wardrobe

Carlene Cearley – Location Manager & Associate Producer

Jonathan Serxner – Key Grip, Rigger, & Associate Producer

Nicolle “NC” Jones – Grip, Audio Assist, & Equipment Provider

Katy DimondiHair & Make-up

Mario GriegoArt department, Costume, & Hair

Olivia Griego – Associate Producer

Derick ChildressVisual FX

Lucas House – Blacksmith Consultant 

Al Frega – Metal Graveyard Designer 


For the full list of cast, crew, and contributors, check out the official HARBINGER Press Release.

We’d also like to recognize our Indiegogo contributors and donors (in no particular order):

Joshua Steadman, Mark Melchioree Jr., Maura Tourian, Crosby Lupton, Lauren Durr, Ashton Maddox, Sarah Atkinson, Russell Pandres, Jennifer Call, Benjamin Jacob Downey, Arum Moreira, Roy Moreira, Tammy Cornell, Barbara Hazelwood, Melissa Poston, Iris Maslow, Meredith Jackson, Heather Stevens, Taylor Adams, John Boschini, Alexa Boschini, David Orr, Christopher Sanders, Jill M. Davis, Drew St Claire, Carl Licata, Sarah Stein, Adam Martin, Kelly Finn, Betsy Harris, Phillip Cottros, Eric Hunsley, Thomas Wallis, David Annis, Miller Sigmon, Robyn Frateschi, Paul Kilpatrick, Robbie Forrest, Nicole Kligerman, Ajit Anthony, Andy Wells, Jeremy Watson, Megan Myers, Brian Triebwasser, Jonathan Serxner, Patrick Campbell, Amber Wood, Anna & Kenny Martin, Gus & Judy Cottros.