An adopted ten year old climbs to the top of an oak tree in hopes of catching his unborn baby brother falling from space.

Harold & Avery-Treehouse

Production still: Avery comforts Harold in the treehouse.


Production still: Harold and Avery drive home.

Full Synopsis:

In the heart of rural North Carolina, Harold, a starry-eyed ten year old, races through the forest. He joins his adopted mother, Avery, just as she puts the final nails on his new treehouse. Troubled by the sight of a fiery giant deep within the woods, Harold asks to rehear the story of his own origin.

Holding her pregnant belly, Avery recalls how she caught Harold when he first fell to Earth years ago aboard a shooting star, narrowly escaping his previous planet’s destruction. Assuring Harold of his new home’s safety, Avery notices her old cassette tape, “The Mysteries of Outer Space,” in Harold’s possession. It echoes a warning of a Red Giant who engulfs powerless planets.

Captivated by the notion of catching his unborn baby brother, Harold makes plans to construct a net high above the treehouse. Unknown to Avery, Harold borrows materials from her woodworking shop to forge the path skywards.

As the weeks go by and Harold gets closer to the top of the tree, his obsession lands him in trouble at school and the strong bond with his mother begins to fray. Avery struggles with the impending birth and Harold confronts the demonic Red Giant in the woods. It’s an ominous reminder of a dark past and an even murkier future for the family.





a person or thing that announces or signals the approach of change

a forerunner of something


About the Film: 

HARBINGER is a Drawbridge Media production. Ultimately, it is a labor of love project, driven by passion and the need to make artful entertainment for the local and global filmmaking communities.

Drawbridge Media

It was conceived during a brainstorming session in the late summer of 2012. Through instruction from executive producer, Kevin Wild, to create original narrative content, director, Kieran Moreira, proposed the kernel of the idea, originally entitled “Cloud Fortress.” With the help of local designer Justin T. Philips, Kieran presented three concept images and a story based around a boy’s journey skyward.

Concept Art 1

Concept art: Oak tree

Concept Art 2

Concept Art: Harold and his lantern

Concept Art 3

Concept Art: Harold and the storm

Producer Andrew Martin soon stepped in to help Kieran co-write the script. Not deterred by the very ambitious world they had created, Andrew and Kieran embarked into pre-production to locate over 15 unique locations across the state of North Carolina, cast 50 local actors, and assemble a crew of 25 loyal professional volunteers.

HARBINGER’s production officially began on September 15th, 2013. Shooting a majority of the film on nights and weekends, the team finished up principal photography in December 2013 and logged over 20 days of production.The film was completed at the end of July 2014 where it was given a private advanced screening for cast, crew, press, and contributors at Mission Valley Cinema in Raleigh. The HARBINGER team will be submitting the film to many top tier film festivals around the world.


Funding the Film:

The original intent of HARBINGER was to create a technically impressive, but meaningful short film. In hopes of raising the bar for independent filmmaking in North Carolina, Drawbridge Media set out to collaborate with artists and professionals to help build this newly dreamed world. Pooling its own resources, the production company turned to the global community for support.

In February 2013, the HARBINGER team launched an Indiegogo campaign to raise additional funds to build props, sets, and pay for crew meals. The campaign garnished a “Pick of the Week” on Screen Crave, while raising over $3,000.

Relying heavily on volunteers, production was scheduled during nights and weekends. A tight-knit community was formed where countless time, resources, and talents were donated in order to achieve a “big budget” look. Please visit our ‘Contributors’ page to see a full list of the amazing people and organizations that helped make HARBINGER possible.

Drawbridge Media invested hundreds of its own man hours into HARBINGER, while providing state of the art equipment, including two RED Epic cameras, lighting gear, and post-production suites to complete the film. HARBINGER is the first step for Drawbridge Media toward more narrative based content creation.

The Crew with Roy Underhill

Behind the Scenes: The Crew with Roy Underhill


About Drawbridge Media:

Drawbridge Media

Drawbridge Media

Located in the historic Oakwood neighborhood in downtown Raleigh, Drawbridge Media was founded in 2006 by Kevin Wild. An all in one creative production company, Drawbridge applies solid storytelling with the latest RED digital cinema cameras and post-production equipment. Drawbridge specializes in commercial, corporate, and narrative based videos with clients including: Cisco, Duke University, McAfee, Redress Raleigh, Novartis, Rex Hospital, Consult Webs, JDRF, and the Raleigh Arts Commission. Visit for more information.