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Getting perspective with the Laowa 24mm Probe Lens

Recently, the Drawbridge team acquired a new addition to our arsenal. A little over sixteen inches long, the Laowa 24mm Probe Lens from Venus Optics delivers a new perspective on macro videography. Macro lenses allow the viewer to see things from closer up than normal lenses, creating interesting opportunities.

Here at Drawbridge, we always get excited about new gear. Every addition to our toolbox allows us to unleash a little more creativity. Recently, we’ve been experimenting more and more with product-style cinematography.

But seeing what this lens can actually do was cooler than we could have anticipated. Using the Laowa Probe, we discovered many interesting possibilities as a result of the lens' unorthodox shape. No cinema grade camera has ever been able to film a single bulb from inside a coiled reel of Christmas lights. Getting shots like that hasn’t really been possible until now.

High-level cinematography is only possible when technology and creativity work together. Only by combining the two can we accomplish truly great storytelling. Learning new ways to tell that story is absolutely essential in order to achieve excellence. Each one of us at Drawbridge Media is committed to bringing that excellence to you, helping you deliver your message to the masses.



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