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It's All In The Details

Red Epic-W 8K. Photo Credit Ryan K. Hamlin

At Drawbridge Media, we love storytelling. It’s what we do. Every chance we get, we’re always looking for ways to improve our methods and expand our creativity. And as any good writer will tell you, a good story is determined by the quality of the storytelling, not by the quality of the tools you use to tell it.

But the tools certainly help.

Drawbridge Media implements a variety of tools in our storytelling process, depending on the needs of that story. But our workhorse cameras are two Red Epic-W 8K cinema cameras and one Red Scarlet 5k cinema camera. These cameras are used regularly to produce high budget Hollywood films, and many Netflix original films and episodical shows. Red, as a company, continues to push technological boundaries to create the best of the best tools in the industry.

The difference between these cameras and the ones currently used in traditional video production is unbelievable. Even considering how far technology has come, between our phone cameras, photography cameras, etc, the Red Epic-W still leads the pack. Here’s a side-by-side comparison between the Red Epic-W and our Canon 7D, a typical DSLR camera that might be used in traditional video production.

To many, the subtle differences may not stand out all that well. But look a little closer. The Canon 7d captures nowhere near the same detail as the Red. When zoomed in, the Canon footage becomes soft and fuzzy. This means that a video shot on the Canon 7d or a similar prosumer grade camera won't look as crisp. And for us, that is a huge problem.

Maintaining a high level image for your company comes down to the little details. The Canon 7D shoots video in 1080p resolution, which gives you a picture as big as a standard HD TV. The Red Epic-W, on the other hand, has a huge sensor that allows tons of light into the camera, giving us a stunning 8k resolution. To put that into perspective, you’d need 16 HD TV’s to see all the detail that this camera captures. That’s right, we said SIXTEEN.

This means that we can bring that quality back to our clients, and combine it with our ever-evolving storytelling techniques, to really drive the most impact in every video. In a world of content creation, where every company is striving to stand out from the crowd, every detail matters. At Drawbridge Media, we are able to bring the highest level of quality to your production, bringing your message to the masses in the most impactful way possible.


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