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Barcelona: Partnering with Lightspeed Marketing for Cisco Marketing Velocity

Architecture in Barcelona, Spain. Photo by Paul Frateschi.

At the end of May we had the privilege of traveling to Barcelona Spain to film Cisco’s Marketing Velocity Conference for one of our clients, Lightspeed Marketing.

It was a great trip with stunning architecture, fantastic food and a great client! We arrived on a Saturday and flew home the following Friday. This allowed us some time to get a taste of Spain and see the sights, including Jamon, Cava, Estrella Beer and a tour of Sagrada Familia, the Spanish church designed by Gaudi that has been under construction for over 130 years!

This was our 4th time attending and filming a Cisco Marketing Velocity event and we filmed a series of interviews with our new ReflecMedia Green Screen on our RED Scarlet, did several multi-camera Facebook Live Streams, as well as turned around on-site videos highlighting the event.

-Paul Frateschi


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