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Case Study: Interior Architects & Virgin Voyages

3D model concept for Virgin Voyages cruise ship. Photo courtesy of Virgin Voyages. © Virgin Voyages 2018.

It’s always so interesting to me how small the world can seem. One of the coolest opportunities that I’ve gotten during my tenure at Drawbridge Media came to me through a company that is practically our next door neighbor. A few blocks away from our office in downtown Raleigh, is an architectural design firm called Interior Architects. They reached out to us earlier this year about doing a video for one of their clients, the newest company in the Virgin empire, Virgin Voyages. Together, we created this.

Interior Architects are a brilliant team of creatives, and they have designed spaces for some of the coolest companies on the planet. Most of their client list consist of household names, like Microsoft and Amazon. But even working alongside some of the brightest minds in the organization, we couldn’t find an ego in the place. Just a communal desire to create amazing experiences in the workplace and inspire creativity, collaboration, and just plain fun.

IA created one hell of a space for Virgin Voyages, and the Drawbridge Media crew got to fly down to Miami to film the coolest parts of it, which is just about everything. And it also happened to be my first project at Drawbridge as acting Director of Photography. Pretty cool.

We used 2 Red Epic-W 8k cinema cameras and a Ronin gimbal stabilizer, and walked around for 2 days capturing some of the coolest footage we’ve ever collected. It’s not hard to do in a space like that. From the moment you get off the elevator, you’re automatically introduced to the loud, vibrant, and fun atmosphere that Virgin is known for. To put it into perspective, other tenants in the building refer to it at as “the Disco floor”. Everyone knows that’s where all the fun happens.

The foyer at Virgin Voyages headquarters. Photo by Paul Frateschi.

At Drawbridge Media, we take our partnerships very seriously. As videographers and filmmakers, we love getting opportunities to try new things, and develop our creative abilities. We were honored to be invited to collaborate with Interior Architects, and we are so excited to see what’s next.

-Ryan K. Hamlin


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